Our Fusion Spice Works line contains authentic Southeast Asian spices and sauce mixes allowing for quick, easy and healthy meals

Garam Masala

Tandoori Spice Mix

Butter Chicken Regular

Butter Chicken Mild

Chicken Curry

Shahi Paneer

Channa Masla

Lemon Tandoori

Chaat Masala


Transform your meals with the Authentic flavors of our dry spice and sauce mixes.

Tandoori BBQ Spice Mix

Our Tandoori Barbeque Spice Mix is a deliciously spicy mix for creating authentic tandoori dishes. This spice mix can be used for baking or grilling chicken and is rich with savory flavors.

Chicken Curry Spice Mix

Our Chicken Curry Spice Mix is a tasty infusion of spices, tomatoes, and onions that delivers authentic  flavours of South Asian cuisine. With a quick and easy preparation time, this dish is best enjoyed with naan or rice.

Channa Spice Mix

Our Channa Masala Spice Mix allows you to create the traditional South Asian dish, channa masala (chickpeas). With an easy and quick preparation, this spice mix can be used to make a deliciously spicy and tangy appetizer.

Butter Chicken Sauce Mix

Our Butter Chicken Sauce is the classic restaurant dish we all love to order, with a choice of either mild or regular spice, this sauce mix can be prepared within ten minutes right at home.

Garam Masala

Our popular Garam Masala is an all purpose is a blend of premium all natural spices commonly used in South East Asian cuisines. We created the perfect balance of spices that allows for an authentic flavor. Simply add too any dish to elevate the flavour