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Tandoori Salmon and Veggies

Eating healthy can be easy with you have the right tools with you. For us that means the right spices and marinades to jazz up any plain meal. As summer starts to roll around and BC goes through a heatwave we are getting ready by firing up the BBQ...

Quick Pilau Rice

Pilau is one of those dishes that always seems hard to make because it usually tastes so good. Whenever we ask our mom for her famous Pilau recipe like most dishes she makes she just tells us to guestimate the amount of spices needed. It seems like its one...

Fall Chili

After Halloween it seems like the weather shifts to a new kind of cold. The kind of cold that needs a good heaty bowl of chili to warm you up. Chili is super easy to make and you can easily substitute different kinds of meat depending on what you...

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